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They say horrors still happen for good reasons, but why? Why this cruel world poured his misfortunes on the innocent Princess of Koka, whose her life was so perfect? Love had betrayed her and her small world had collapsed. However, end of this story was the beginning of another: real life opened her doors. This is how the wind led her toward people who will make their places in her heart. Taking her childhood best friend by her sides, she will leave her traces in the country. She remained still, the princess of dawn.

Group's avatar © Valenfield on SKYROCK





Cosplay © con_taruma4732 on TWITTER

small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._YONA HIME_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._ small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae

What if new day has to come ? I've been there so long, drowned in false perfection. Without worrying about the outside, what I've got was enough to fill my happiness, but that night broke my heart and opened my eyes. Because when I thought I had everything, I realise I had just nothing. In the darkness and good times, I know I have to be strong. That's how I met them. Where it was dark, we paint our light. Where there was pain, we put our joy. I let the past behind and now I can see a light, a little part too in the eyes of a man.
“Hak, tell me, a weak person like me. What should I do to protect someone else ?”

small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._SON HAK_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._ small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae

Everyday I get a little away and everything I made start to burn away. Treason, I can't tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like : it’s a steel knife right in my back. As long as the wrong turn around her, it’s like I’m in fight. I never feel so weak when I saw tears on her face. I guess I don't know my own strength. I want to see her fire grow up and find the words who said :
“Princess Yona is here.”

small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._YOON_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._ small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae

I was chained in a world that I hated. Where people with wealth have those fake smiles and said stupids lies, while the miserables die. I thought it was better to be on my own. But I met someone who don’t leave me, a soiled jewel. She said she wanted to change the world. I let my house to follow her in our discovery trip. With the storm and the fire, we must find the pillars.
“I’ve always been alone, and yet … I met you. I can’t help it if I’m lonely, right ?”

small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._KIJA_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._ small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae

Wait for many years, many generations of white pillars died. All the descendant of the King wished to give their lives and I wear the scars of an ardent desire. Now I see you, how can I breathe with this burning in my heart ? She burns so bright and now I’m by her sides. Even in the darkest night can’t separate me from the princess. I will be bold as be strong. She takes my flesh and fixes my eyes, free my mind from torment. She’s not our master : she’s already our queen.
“If I can protect the princess like that, I’ll gladly die.”

small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._SHIN-AH_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._ small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae

I don’t know what I have to say : for the first time, a little spark come in front of me and said she understands the pain I feel. Can I believe this ? Does she knows what it’s like to be hurt ? To feel lost and left out in the dark ? She holds out her hands and I don’t if I should take them. Can I let the past behind ? I want my eyes to see the day rise and finally touch the sun. After all, she gaves me a name, what do I have to fear ?
“Even without the sound of the bells, I’ll be able to call out to him.”

small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._JAE-HA_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._ small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae

I can breathe, I can live and now I know what it’s like to feel the wind on my skin. In a new life, I don’t know who I can trust. I just take every chains who kept me slave and burn them off. I way up to the sky, I leave the past behind because I want to fly by my own. Somes said I’m a lecher, but I prefer to say that I am a lover. Sitting under the mainsail, a little Queen said I should live by faith and not by sight. So by her spirit she touched me ; by her power she’s a guide.
“Being destined from birth to do something goes against my aesthetic.”

small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._ZENO_.¤´¯`¤._.¤´¯`¤._ small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae

I lived a hundred years, a life I didn't see. It was so beautiful to see, how we were stick together. Because like this, we can face everything. But my King went down again to earth, I reach up to God and ask if I'm dreaming. Now I take a step back, I run again under the sun of spring : there is no more escape. I don’t give up on my faith, because love comes to those who believe it and that’s the way it is.
“It’s a nice moonlit night, but your blood thirst is spoling … the nice, refreshing air too much.”


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#1 : Submit pictures in the corrects folders.
#2 : Do not post the drawings of Mizuho Kusanagi ( She doesn't want her drawings to be reposted according to her website).
#3 : Only submit ANY related art !
#4 : Constantly break the rules, you will be BANNED from the group.

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Group Info

Hello there, I am you admin, Nu'Rane :wave: I hope you guys enjoy being in this group! This one is still under development and if you are wanting to be a admin or contribute here please NOTE me on my account :meow: ~

My goal for this group is so revive the fandom and the popularity of Akatsuki no Yona :heart: And I am willing to see some of your ocs you have ! :dummy: I really want this fandom to be alive.
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Sep 1, 2016


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ALRIGHT MADIES! This is going to be the first for this group 

I was about to make this more than a week ago but I didn't qAq

In celebration for hitting 100 members ( now over 200 :D)  both :iconx-sally-kan-x: and I :iconcrazy-lace: have decided to make a art contest. This contest will be dedicated to the couple that swept our feet in the show and manga 
Image result for hak yona
 Yep Hakyona :D

So here are the rules for the contest

  • You CANNOT recolor an image from the contest, this includes images from the manga that would be unfair to other contestants. 
  • No tracing images
  • You can only have only 2 submissions for the contest
  • If you participating ( or thinking about participating), please comment down below so we can keep track 

The deadline is June 27

Now to mention the prizes 

1st place prizes: 
  1. 145Points 
  2.  2 digital drawings by :iconcrazy-lace:
            Examples  Commission 6 by NuRane-RevivedRequest 2 by NuRane-RevivedRequest 3: Ringo ( Beyblade oc ) by NuRane-Revived 

***keep in mind 3 out of the drawings belongs to my :iconnurane-revived: account before  I left it 


  1. 2 icons of animated pixel icons of choice by :iconcrazy-lace: 
        example: Atsuko1 by CraZy-LaceClarity X Artorius by CraZy-LaceLace by CraZy-LaceMichi and Zeo pixel ship by CraZy-Lace

2nd place prizes:   20 points

  1.     A digital CELL Shade drawing by :iconcrazy-lace:
  2. Traditional drawing by :iconx-sally-kan-x:
  3. 1 animated icon by :iconcrazy-lace:

3rd place prices
  1. A traditional drawing by :iconx-sally-kan-x:
  2. 1 animated pixel icon by :iconcrazy-lace:

*For the pictures about the contest, don't hesitate to send them in the folder "Contest pictures" or just send the link in this journal's section :hug:
Participants's list :meow: :
- MMHinman
- Violently-Chaotic
- W0ifPupPluto
- dagga19
- nonoca
- Xylendria
- Kyorin24
- ...

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